Even better than rspe shader it only works for pocket edition. The hype for this is real and you should definitely give it a try if you want to experience a more realistic version of Minecraft. im using iPad 4. pls reply because i want to use ur shaders they look vv cool, I cant install it….i dont know how.. My version is 0.15.1 ive tried everything.. And it doesnt work, The Ultra version makes my game unable to load, or it makes the game to hang so much it never loads… Help? Or is there an easy fix in the code to allow windows 10? Shadows have been massively improved and so have the sky and the Nether. 1. According to other comments, this hasn’t been updated since 2017, come on m8! Please, always remember that after installing new packs and mods, the start of the game will take a little bit while. , Only the sky and sun works… any tips? **Its keeping me from playing servers**. The leaves of the tree pulse and look as though they’re stuck in the matrix. Add a feature: I Cant See When Im Undertround Thanks. but its very cool. It makes the leaves glitch out You’re comment means nothing. But please take a shot at the Windows 10 Pocket Edition. Like the shadow for your character it looks so weird, when your moving and it stays like a robot something , and when u start the game and for ex. Creator: Gabriel Paixão, Twitter Account I think you should make a players shadow move and shows the item’s shadow too. I really love the shader because I actually used this shader on Java edition. I tried the low pack and it’s still very laggy! Try esbe 2g or sspe (my favorite shaders). can you make the beacon white not yellow and when i put armor on my player is black and can you remove the shadow of the player because it’s doesn’t match what the player is doing but if you can’t well can you fix it’s thanks. It’s downloaded and in my resource packs, the only thing different is the solid gray sky and round sun. One of them is something about the manifest. Especially the Ultra ones! What do we want information about when it will be out for windows 10 !!! Editor it’s a job well done but I tried low and it worked but the lag was as great as medium so pls fix it. Please make clouds more realistic moving shadow all mobs and players . I tried all 3 packs and nothing worked. There are no shadows. I just have 2 issues. Bro remove the shade Try this: Shaders Test (MCPE only) man, what’s that how did you get so much sharing? Editor, are you working with the shadows, if yes, Amazing!! Provided ‘/modules/0/version’ element is not SemVer (semver.org) compliant in pack manifest; Defaulting to ‘1.0.0’. This used to work don’t know why it’s like this now, That’s pretty sad, make sure to re download, need to fix the water animation it doesn’t work, i was quite excited to use these shaders but when entered my world i discovered that it has no impact what so ever on my game!!! Duh. That’s what all I need it to my minecraft be cool but it’s lagging! Thank you. No shadows and no water animations , I every time used to study article in news papers but now as I am a user of net therefore from now I am Then I tried to add it to the Global Resources thru settings and Minecraft is totally crashed and will not open! Could you please release this on windows 10. Sorry for disturbness, Hay there may you please update it for windows 10, Woah the nether looks SO AWESOME. Why the ultra version doesn’t have any detail? Best regards – Vortex. Restart Minecraft PE! *Sigh* all you can do is just wait for Render Dragon, Java parity, and ray tracing to arrive on Xbox and Windows 10 when the 1.16 update is completely released. I downloaded the shaders low .mcpack and my computer still overheated. The shaders is excellent, but there is a big grey sky above me. Plz send help. PHENOMENAL? I don’t see the sun and the moon, but the shaders and water are showing. I really love this shaders. You must download this ,here’s the link http://mcpedl.com/max-framerate-addon/ this will make your game run smooth with deez shaders I promise . Open Minecraft PE, go to Settings > Global resources > Apply pack 1gb ram Back then the water was realistic and now it’s terrible! Username.. Disgosting! The only person I know as the original creator of SEUS is Sonic Ether, but his page hasn’t been updated since 2018. :/, bro hit us up with a link none of us can find it. Then Minecraft gives me a message that says it crashed. Oh wait all you have to do is equip it in global resources, AHA!! “THE CLOUDS ARE CLOSING IN ON ME. I’d really like to use these, I’ve seen them before and they look amazing. The cloud and the sun are changed but for some reason it’s not working???????? Please help. This is AMAZING GREAT WORK!!!! And its still the same, Yeah I would appreciate a link fix for the Dropbox file. idk how it looks so medium stars i guess :/. Provided ‘/header/pack_id’ element is not a valid UUID. iOS: http://mcpedl.com/uninstall-addons-texture-packs-maps-ios/. Until then, great shader pack! W-Why is the fog in the nether green??? HOW DO I FIX IT!!!! Example of a change if possible could be the human shadow actually moves its legs and head and arms when we do. SEUS Renewed is a reinvention of the legacy versions of SEUS that brings you quality visuals at a reasonable performance using traditional rasterization-based rendering methods. Fix Pls. This pack isn’t working for me on Windows 10… I even tried to use the test pack, and I know what version I have, but it keeps saying that there isn’t a pack manifest. Good shaders! After all, let’s say that one game has more features than one just like it, but that game also has terrible fps and can easily crash no matter what. SEUS Renewed Shaders 1.16.3. Would love to know why. And also every time I try to download it, it shows a bunch of weird and random symbols, numbers, and letters all randomly clumped together like some code or something, what is that suppose to mean? SEUS PE Shaders will change your game completely. render distance, fancy graphics, Still lag even i have lowest all the setting including fancy graphic, my tablet specs: Adreno TM Qualcom snapdragon 2GB RAM. (When I worked it looked amazing tho), This doesn’t work for Minecraft PE on Ipad – after choosing the resource packs it says loading resource packs and nothing happens, like it just hangs. And the clouds, but it doesn’t work for 17.0.2. It’s pretty easy to install multiple if you’re already installing at least 1. I’m a big fan of your work it’s just astonishing! When i look at the pictures it looks amazing and bright with wavy water and clouds. Android version: 4.4.4 (KitKat) Deleted the other two and left only ultra, works amazing the water is astonishing! Quit saying update If this hasn’t been updated in almost 4 years. These shaders are awesome! Specially the bushes, the way the wiggle is amazing! you have to use minecraft version 1.1.0 or anything with 1.1, Can u message the owner and tell them to update you this I’ve been waiting for sues shaders to update for so long and the only good shaders we have is cspe ultra and tspe ultra so i ask for u to plzzz help us out plzzz we need this shader, If u look down it gives you the normal Minecraft look, Yeah didn’t work for me as, and I’m using Minecraft Bedrock Edition(1.11.4) Otherwise, grerat job, luv the shaders! I’m playing on mobile. Maybe change the pack names so it works better, I’m not sure. 1 none of the blocks have this dynamic shadow that they were supposed to have This is to date the most realistic shaders pack for Minecraft PE. •shade SEUS ain’t working, everytime I choose a different file, it uses the 1.1.01 version, which DOESN’T have anything except the sun and ugly sand. The shaders aren’t working. Because all I did was go off the app and go back on and it didn’t work! I have an iPhone 7 plus and this is still laggy and sometimes straight up doesn’t work. Umm please update this shaders because ever since Update aquatic phase 2…..this shader won’t show realistic water! When I use this pack, it just doesn’t work at all. P. S. Sorry for the monologue xD Am like dis, Hi i really want the shaders i have a lg7 and when i download one its super laggy i cant even move please help me i dont what to do please respond i really want to use this shaders. What do I do with the Mc.pack? Hey Editor, Did you get an Beta GUI Unlocker Add-on? Hey editor can you fix this?- My device can ultra Shaders but when I activate the seus shaders it doesn’t activate, means when i open my world I can’t see the shaders? If you did please review and post. Hello my problem is that I loaded up the texture pack it looked apsolotly fine waving trees water everything was cool but when I re-logged in I realized that nothing was wavy anything could help me fix that? Hello! The leaves are not waving like on the pc, it’s like shaders on the leaves would turn on and off every millisecond. Please make the lamp more bright. They need to make Windows 10 work!!! make the sun more bright or the color of sunset and you can see the sun on the water reflection. Does it work for 0.17.0 / 1.0 ? When I go into the inventory and go equip armor, Everything is all black except 1/4 of the body. 2 using mcpe 1.0 and the shaders are working but please fix the bugssss…. I loved the water but now it’s just default! SEUS PE Shader. please help , With my further research and translation on the Portuguese sentences about Gabriel and his Seus Pe Shader…(Google translate) I recently discovered that he is almost done in Making the Seus shader beta 3 for 1.1.0 up… He also said that he is not changing the sun and moon reflection because mojang said it will be a bug fix soon in 1.1.1 Also Gabriel also said that Seus beta 3 has a tilted sun…more wavy plant animation… and wave like water… Also the shadow moves but only the hands and legs but still say on the same standing position. To make ray tracing work in Minecraft, you can download Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders (SEUS) Renewed.The shader is currently in version 1.0.1, updated in February, 2020. plz helppp?? But for testing is recommended to install the medium version. And if so, when will it be available? Choose one of the following files: It’s GREEN, Beautiful but can you make moving shadows, the problem is that it is laggy and kind of too bright..unlike energy shaders, People on windows are asking for a version for WINDOWS 10 EDITION. Thanks for reading. Create a new world or edit an existing world. Hey Editor I Really Want To Try This Pack Cause It Looks REALLY COOL!But the downside is when I download it and go to MINECRAFT it says sues PE shaders has been like download but it’s with warnings!!! >:(|, When i download the shaders….i check my minecraft the shaders doesnt appear on global resources :< please help me im a newbie. Mine craft is crashed my survival world is now away on mcpe alway if i open minecraft i only get a blackscreen and a white screen with mc logo, can u get on windows 10 even tho it said in dose not work, There are definitely bugs for mine Please tell me which is better for Samsung galaxy kids Tablet? !Plz Help I’m Even At 1.02 btw! The shaders look great, I just can’t test them. Shaders Low .McPack (recommended for low-end devices with less resources) No lag at all on the ultra on my galaxy s8! But works shaders only delete on file entity.fragment and entity.vertex. your device cannot handle the shaders, its either low end or weak, or even both, omg it’s not working like when it download it to my phone it says failed to import. No textures have changed except the sun and Moon. Should work fine. – Fancy Graphics. Next time read. I’m the same guy who posted the above message and I just realized that I forgot to close the braket! I will make the chocapic13 shaders pe better than yours no lag smooth water better shadows and new lighting, plz update this shaders because it didn’t work for me im on 1.7. Is not working the only for is Environment is which texture is Sun only can you fix please! I am very sorry that I had a really… really… Long comment. i love it so i respectfully ask you to make minercaft main screen more fency thank you for listening my idea. I really like these shaders and hope you will fix this because I really like the shaders. I use ipad air ios 10. SEUS PE Shader will Clouds are realistic? Can this be available for Windows 10 edition? I don’t have PE, I only have Windows 10 which I got on 12/26/16. Try setting render distance to low, turn off fancy graphics and lower some other video settings. 3. it was so Cool! guys it says it doesnt work for windows 10 it only works on IOS and anddroid, It doesn’t work on my iPad please make it work on my iPad thank you. But Sometimes I Have Lag , And Thx For You ( Creator Of SEUS Shaders ) My MCPE Is More R, Will this work in [BUILD1] ??? I love these shaders, but now I can’t use them because they’re outdated. Shaders Ultra .McPack (high-end devices, more resources) Please Help! It hasn’t been updated since 3 years so it won’t work. it dont looks like the pc version. The Light Resources are Not Too bright? Plss remove the water texture or fix that ASAP.. Did I need to adjust anything in setting? Great!!! YOUR WELCOME (I bet people won’t give credit to me), I do all the steps and don’t work for me… I use the shaders ultra…, Can you add animated shadows for players and even throw in shadows for other mobs too, It’s so lag please fix it my device is newest iPad so it not lag but it lag so pls I think u must fix it editor pls. I have iPad Pro and I’ve tried all the different ultras or whatever but they show the same. ): Can you give Mega link ? Need a win 10 version plz. {ENTITY 303,404 and null will raid minecraft in 99999 hours}, If you are wondering why this doesn’t work because he STOPPED updating it because he is WORKING on a NEW shader. If it works i will download it . The Top part of the stair is lit up but the two sides aren’t lit up The test shaders work better than the normal one. The trees and glasses have many lines and looks like glitchy… But the water, sky, and shadows are awesome! Simple Shader adds a custom sky and some light shadows that don’t look too dark. my version is 1.12, I could install and apply it, but after entering the world nothing happen, That’s cuz seus hasn’t updated it’s shaded pack to 1.12 gotta just wait and hope, True I tried it my self and nothing happens, I got the sun to change, but nothing else is working. The ultra version is literally 180 kb. , It was working beautifully until yesterday when I updated to version 1.6. Help? Adreno Shadows have been massively improved and so have the sky and the Nether. One problem though. Sorry For My English I Am From Georgia Read End Reply I’m Waiting!!!! Please fix it!! That means your device can’t handle the shaders. ( you should see this symbol [the two dots { : }. Choose one of the following files: MC: SEUS PE Shader Category:Minecraft PE Texture Packs Viewed: 201 - Published at: a year ago. I do have good experience with SEUS in the past with java, and would recommend. The shader doesn’t work. I have a cracked version of Minecraft PE, i didn’t actually buy it. It works on 1.14.1 android. Hey friend, i though the shader did nothing at all until i toggled “fancy graphics Plz update this shader pack so it works with MCPE 1.14, yeah the shadows are not working and the water has not changed i mean texture, Does this work on minecraft windwos ten edition ? It’s pretty unfair that only Windows 10 and Xbox having that features. Description: This is to date the most realistic shaders pack for Minecraft PE. Duh,its a early release so its not a glitch. Any way to fix this? Editor,please now you answer me I have a annoying problem and i hope you can fix it. Can you make it compatible for Win 10 Please? Please fix. Do you have a link? 2GB ram extremely beautiful but when i played for a few minutes, it was 11% but when i got back, it was 6%. thanks! So basically it doesn’t work on iOS 9.0.2 but it works on iOS 10 that’s interesting ?☹, can u please add support for windows 10 as it looks really nice on my phone but i would like it on w10, Please answer why on Samsung GT-N5100 is laggy and the water reflections is glitch, Thie texture is not working for me please tell me what to do. It helps reduce lag. Great start of it though, That’s actually what the shader is supposed to look like. i re downloaded this multiple time only to have the same thing happen. In our app you can find all popular shaders for minecraft pe: SEUS PE Shader,SSPE Lightweight Shader,Alto Shader,BLPE Shaders,Unbelievable Shaders,Faithful & Shaders,EVO Shaders Mod,RSPE Shaders,KMPE Shaders,Realistic Shaders and more. 3. ? The sky looks real, the clouds look really good, the lighting is amazing, but I have two problems. I want to use this seus pack on my mcpe I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Provided ‘/header/packs_version’ element is not SemVer (semver.org) compliant. You do know Win10 is Bedrock and PC is Java right? Creator of Seus pe is DEAD or maybe he forgot how 2 code, is that why it did nothing on my windows 10 all it done is add more lag. Can not wait until moving shadows are supported! Then get in then either keep or take off the texture pack and leave the shader in the global resources then open the world and it will now move! An yes I placed them in the correct folder and everything. Its only $7 USD. Ios 11.2 Will these shaders ever be available for Windows 10 users? i run 100 FPS here on preview 2 Thank You. The screen might go black for a while but just wait for it to load! Is it possible to put 2 texture packs at once? I tried all 3 available packs. 303 404 303 404 [anti-error_SPACE] {wrong:entity.”null} 303 404 ;no existing command /kill {type notch} Though, I am facing a problem: every time I download one of your shader (or any shader) the animations of the water and the plants just freeze, and there is no way for me to get it to move again. Not trying to be rude… What’s the issue..Is it something mojang has to fix? Any suggestions how to fix this problem? Its very lagg but i use the low and it still lag, Do u have to add it too the globe resorced, Fix this lag plz!! I have a Samsung galaxy s7 and when I try to import the ultra pack it just crashes my game and won’t start im running the latest MCPE is that why? Gorgeous landscapes, sunsets and reflections of the sun in water are just astonishing. Same for me. Moon is shining? SEUS PE Shader – a new beautiful Minecraft PE game modification. (Though turning sensitivity on is working) good work though and keep it up I hope it becomes as good as the pc version and a bit more supprotive with lag. Please help! Do you have a fix for this or is or is this shader just not compatable for windows 10 yet? i’m not sure if you’ll read this, We have prepared this collection specifically for you and will be happy if you tell us about your impressions in the review. You will always have the best mods and addons available for Minecraft PE. •moving leaves And the clouds and stars are weird To. Its very laggy but it look awesome! The leaves don’t seem to be a bright and colorful as on your pics, ( like normal minecraft) I took your advice (turning off fancy graphics) and they become beautiful as they should be, it’s just that: they don’t blow in the wind, I want them to be see through, and I don’t enjoy staring at a completely white sky. Not sure if this is a bug or just happening to me but I applied the shader and it looks amazing but in my world if I go deep enough underground the shader will stop working and the game will go back to original lighting. The mod is designed to improve the atmosphere of the game world. Downloads it but doesn’t appear on global resources. Bc I think I downloaded it correctly, and it says that it’s on there, but the shaders don’t appear. Pls fix !!! Also you don’t need BlockLauncher, it’s only useful if you wanna play on multiplayer with hacked minecraft or if you wanna install hacks. I use the ipad 5 (2017) Its good i used the Preview 2 and it doesnt lagg pls add moving shadows,better clouds (volumetric clouds) moving shadows (player shadows,moving items like grass shadows that moves) and add Godrays also heat rays and rays underwater water reflections underwater water reflections from sun clouds player and everything above it and motion blur DOF and lastly torch lights even if you just hold it. THERE IS NO SHADER The light of the sun and moon shimmers beautifully when reflected on the water. How much ram or rom for ultra shader?? Is there any chance you’ll make a Windows 10 version? Please answer my problem Editor.My problem is laggy and the water reflections is not waving and glitching.That’s really annoying me.I hope you understand my problem. Before giving a 1 star rating, I downgrade mcpe and shaders work but there’s one thing missing the water but it’s cool. I have to say the skies and the sun are awesome, the water is also very very good, but not like on the presented pictures. This pack amazing! Here are some bugs: It still has the sun included with the shaders showing though. Thank you………my Mcpe its beautyfull Whit this. SEUS PE Shader 1.5, 1.4, 1.2.10, 1.2, 1.1.5. I searched FB and couldn’t find it. If so, how do I delete it? It’s good but really laggy. Um it says it’s imported with warnings. Any ideas how to make it work? PLEASE DO HES RIGHT. you can now officially copy and paste as of April 13, 2017. the shader only makes the default game more realistic by adding shadows and things similar to real life. Hey there, A moment ago I watched a video with this shader on. Does it come from my phone? Dear Editor, I have a few things to say,first is that if it is possible,can you make the same shader into a higher pack like a ultra mega? But I think the player shadow looks a little weird, and I know it doesn’t support moving shadows, please make a version that doesn’t replace the player shadow with the weird one. The water and lava isn’t working? ✅Move that you selected to another folder (Find or Create a new Folder) I’d recommend sspe or esbe 2g as a replacement. For now the modifications is definitely the most realistic shader for Minecraft Pocket Edition game. I use the low pack I have an iPad Air 2, It doesn’t work in my android device…. Amazing Shader! Many natural effects will change and got effects as from real life. I’m sorry but I’m not sure if moving resource capabilities have the capability to add moving shadows or like what you just said. I suggest you should give more saturation and make blocks more colorful, your beta “SEUS shaders” made minecraft blocks look a little black&white. Have a nice aday and Good bye, This is very impressive that the other ones I tried. No longer works as of MCPE 1.5 & 1.6. I suggest you to have a look at our best tablets 2018 list, if you need a powerful tablet for some gaming! 10 hours battery life Hey there’s a problem with this shader for windows 10 where it always fails to import it. Your device might not be as “high end” as you think it is, Why isn’t it working even sues low isn’t working on ipad. I gave it two stars for three reasons: 1. Мир Майнкрафт ПЕ обретет новые краски благодаря новым теням и облакам. Because when I go to the MediaFire link , My Mobile lags . But it’s not compatible with the new version 1.7.0, whenever i apply it… The game freezes and crashes (it’s not because of the device) What should i do? I don’t know what’s causing this because it doesn’t happen on my brother’s phone. Is there a solution? You do have to delete it. Download the Shader and copy it into the Shader folder. (plz read my coment if you want creat an awesome shader) this shader is cool but more fix And more update the sky And shader for be a perfect shader Is it possible to get this on Apple iPad? I am currently using 1.7.0. Shadows don’t move based on positioning of the sun and moon, and many shadows look like they don’t belong at all. I can run the ultra just fine. But I remembered it wasn’t like that. shader most beautiful ever now that I’ve ever used, i ask you to make SEUS PE BETA3 to change minercaft main graphic. This is a really good texture pack but I can’t use it on any new builds after the update. (Doesn’t concern the shader, but very vualuble information) Just so every knows, (spread the word!) This shader does NOT work for Minecraft PE versions 1.6+ as the graphics code in MCPE has been changed. Should I use the low, the medium, or the ultra version if I have a iPhone 7 running IOS 10.1.1? And if so, would it change automatically or do i have to reinstall it? It’s SEUS. Same with low. please update. Its not compatible on my note 10 either so your point? Hello author, your work is great, I can be reproduced to the Chinese version of MC?Let more players experience excellent works. My device is doogee f5 with 3GB RAM, octa, mali-T720 I believe. Their not pointing toward the sun. So what I asked for in the last comment was ‘Make this compatible with Windows 10.’ And no one replied and now I am really excited for this. I love the water so much too! But what mode should i choose? Cool Shaders! But my Minecraft is very slow when I am playing while using the SUES Shader. That happens to me too. This is a amazing add on but unfortunately I can use its not for window’s 10 but I seen you’re message that said it’s not for windows 10. But the water doesn’t look like it does in the picture. The leaves and bushes don’t move in the wind for me, also the shadow of the player doesn’t move or anything, at night it’s so dark, I have my brightness up and I can’t really see anything, torches don’t illuminate as much as the original MCPE texture. Good job! Shaders Medium .McPack But when the 1.6 update came, whenever I tried to set the shader as a global resource or play a world that had the shader, the game softlocked/crashed. (Basically the sky looks like a box), I like it but why is your shadow staying in the same place.It looks weird, I deleted low to get ultra and it says duplicate pack and now I have nothing. I love the shaders, but I can only use it on my phone and not on Win10, It is way to laggy on my phone. By the way, Standard works just fine, but I want more :p, I love it so much!!! Thanks! But it’s really cool the leaves are waving (Including The Ferns) like the PC version, I Love It .. You have to turn your brightness all the way down. Only one texture that has changed witch is snow!!! Do I have to delete the current one that I have? Hi just downloaded this pack and it’s really cool, but the trees don’t move for me and it lags a lot. Me too. Don’t move all the Res. Y los paquetes de pc no sirven para mcpe, y viceversa. The sand is very very bright and I wish that somehow this could be fixed or adjusted in an update. Also try like make the blocks look like they move when your underwater anyway this is good and I’m proud, Won’t work I have put tried low, standard & ultra but just won’t work… I’m on iPhone 6s, iOS 9.0.2. The Shader wasn't made by me, it was made by Gabriel Paixão (He's not from UTK) This Shader takes MCPE's Most Realistic Shader Award Available. its okay but the reflections are north and do they dont match up, © 2014-2021 MCPEDL.com.We are not affiliated with Mojang AB.Privacy PolicySubscriptionsContact UsAbout Us, DangerZone v1.1 Resource Pack (Android & iOS Only), http://www.wikihow.com/Close-iPhone,-iPad,-and-iPod-Touch-Apps.